American Waterfowler

American Waterfowler focuses on hunting, offering solutions for common problems duck hunters and goose hunters face within dedicated columns such as Decoying, Duck Dogs, Shotguns, Shotshells, Flyway Watch, Smart Money, Travel Notes and Tried and Tested. These columns, as well as regular hunting and equipment features from across the continent, are written by experts whose passions reside at the heart of the the great sport of waterfowling, making American Waterfowler THE magazine for waterfowlers, both young and old.

      The best in modern hunting gear and expert tactics in every issue. Overcoming the challenges of weather, water, mud, decoying birds, dog handling, proper guns and loads and getting to the birds owes much to the brilliant waterfowling products and remarkable duck and goose hunting destinations within reach of every waterfowler. American Waterfowlermagazine answers the call for a dedicated duck and goose hunting magazine to lead fowlers into the new era, while carrying on the rich traditions gained in a century of American waterfowling.

      We Get You To The Birds!
      Published six times each year, American Waterfowler magazine speaks directly to duck and goose hunters who hunt the marshes, grain fields, timber holes, lakes, rivers, creeks, potholes and duck passes across North America and beyond.

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