Western Horse Review

(formerly Northern Horse Review)

Congratulations Western Horse Review on your 20th Anniversary!

Western Horse Review is about life in the West. For most of us who embrace this idea it includes the horse in some respect. At home in our pastures and barns, on the magnificent trails of our land, and certainly, in the competition arena. In our accruements and passions. In our appreciation of the majesty of the animal. One could say, in our identities.

Our idea of West is also about a life that is engaged with western culture – appreciative and honoring the land, from the cowboy tradition to current trends and views. It’s modern, but respectful and mindful of tradition and history. It’s photography, books, gear, travel, music and food. It honors the trainers, competitors, artisans, musicians, authors, photographers, artists and regular folk, who spend their lives devoted to keeping our idea of the West alive. 

It's about appreciating the richness of our Canadian idea of how to live in the western way, recognizing its authenticity, and celebrating how it enriches all of our lives. 

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